Shipwreck Point Mysteries

A high-powered criminal defense attorney seeks redemption… in the most corrupt town in New England.

In 1894, Whitby, Massachusetts, better known as Shipwreck Point to its residents, personifies the excesses of the Gilded Age. Home to luxury hotels, bawdy houses, gambling establishments, and a crooked local government, Whitby combines the glitter of Newport, Rhode Island with the shady dealings of Tammany Hall.

Titus Strong, lawyer to the rich and famous, left Boston for the seaside town to escape the publicity from his most recent case. As well as his guilty conscience.

Elisabeth Wade, an independent, intelligent young woman in need of a job, has lived in Whitby all her life. She knows the people, the places, and where the bodies are buried. Sometimes literally.

Katie Sullivan, owner of the Honey House, may not have a respectable position, but she is respected. And she’s very protective of her girls. When a drunken lighthouse keeper tries to rape one of them, Katie threatens him. In front of witnesses, including Titus Strong.

When the keeper is found murdered, the police look no further than the well-known madam. But Titus doesn’t believe she killed him.

Will he be able to gather enough evidence to prove her innocence?

With the help of his new secretary and a former Pinkerton detective, Titus is determined to try.

Previously published as Unsafe Harbor.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Titus Strong never wanted to be a hero.

But he has a talent for winning impossible cases.

As the prominent lawyer prepares to leave his self-imposed exile in Shipwreck Point, a seaside town south of Boston, his confidential secretary persuades him to take one more client.

Alain DeGarmo, a gifted artist with a volatile temper, is sure gallery owner Walter Baumann has replaced the best painting in his show with a forgery. Getting nowhere with threats, he hires Titus to force Baumann to pay him for the painting he is sure was sold.

A simple enough task, and with Elisabeth Wade’s soft brown eyes pleading for his help, he agrees to take the case.

When the gallery owner is found murdered, the simple case becomes complicated.

The police look no further than the artist for a suspect.

The painter persists in antagonizing everyone involved.

Will Titus be able to uncover the real murderer and prove the artist’s innocence?

Or will his efforts be thwarted by his unruly client?

Be sure to read this mystery with a dash of romance to find out.

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Sometimes dead men do tell tales.

Titus Strong, criminal defense attorney, has had some unusual clients since moving to Shipwreck Point. But none as extraordinary as Fannie Tyler.

The beautiful young widow still talks to her husband every day, even though he perished in a blizzard six years ago.

And he talks back.

Through him, Fannie brings the bereaved women of Whitby communications from beyond the grave.

Her sĂ©ances aren’t enough to support herself and her son, and in summer she rents rooms to vacationers from Boston. This year, a nearby theater in the formerly family-friendly neighborhood has booked a burlesque troupe.

And the visitors are moving out.

In desperate financial straits, Fannie asks the lawyer to convince the theater owner to replace the scandalous show.

But when the proprietor is found murdered, and all the clues point to his client, Titus must change course.

Will the clever defense attorney be able to prove Fannie’s innocence?

Or will the stunning sibyl be fated to join her spouse by way of the hangman’s noose?

Read The Case of the Comely Clairvoyant to find out!

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When Santa Claus is accused of murder, will Titus Strong be able to prove him innocent in time for Shipwreck Point to have a Merry Christmas?

On a stormy Thanksgiving night, the hazardous coast of Shipwreck Point claims another victim. Criminal defense attorney Titus Strong, awakened by shouts and the boom of the lifesaving station's cannon, hurries to the beach to observe the rescue. When the crew pulls the unconscious elderly sailor from the troubled sea, his appearance is made plain.

Jaws drop, including Titus Strong's.

It appears they have rescued Santa Claus.

But nothing goes smoothly in Shipwreck Point, and "Santa" becomes the primary suspect in the town's latest murder.

Read this heartwarming story to put you in the mood for a Happy Holiday!

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A power struggle for a prominent position. A forbidden romance about to be exposed. A desperate deed that could solve both problems.

Titus Strong finds himself in a once familiar situation—a gathering of the distinguished, wealthy members of the upper class. When he’d moved to this small seaside town, he thought he’d left all of that behind.

The gentlemen have need of a counselor to draw up documents for the establishment of the Whitby Yacht Club, and who better to call upon than the town’s most famous lawyer? It’s a simple task that will bring him a healthy fee to tide him over until he acquires additional clients.

But when one of the rivals for commodore of the club is found murdered in his study, the attorney’s role undergoes a sudden change. Although reluctant, he agrees to employ his skills in defense of one of the members, even though he’s not sure of his innocence.

Is he once again trapped into defending a guilty man? Or is his new client truly blameless?

The only way he’ll find out is to lead his own investigation in a search for the killer. Along with his secretary, Elisabeth Wade, and former Pinkerton Detective Owen Campbell, Titus once again must solve a murder.

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