Rainbow Ranch Mysteries

Rugged cowboys, mouth-watering barbecues, sunset rides on horseback. It’s the perfect vacation.
Except for the murder.

When Lilliana MacAlistair agrees to become the hostess at a new Arizona dude ranch, she thinks she’s found the ideal position to supplement her retirement money.

Her first guests, a group of former college roommates, are loving the activities and food she’s planned, and as far as she can tell, everything’s fine as cream gravy. But when one of the women turns up dead, and all the rest can do is point fingers at one another, Lilliana begins to think what the sheriff called a tragic accident is something a lot more sinister.

To make matters worse, the death has generated so much publicity—all of it bad—the existence of the venture is threatened. Cancellations are flooding in, and if the ranch has to close before it’s barely even opened, Lilliana’s job goes with it.

Can Lilliana solve the mystery before the sun sets on her new career?

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