African Violet Club Mysteries

Raising African violets can be murder!

Lilliana Wentworth expects the First Annual African Violet Club Show and Sale at the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community to be thrilling. The former librarian has developed her first hybrid, a plant with unusual deep blue flowers, and hopes to win a first place ribbon. Maybe even best in show. But her excitement turns to dread when the aggravating Bette Tesselink, her fiercest rival, turns up dead, and she becomes the logical suspect.

There’s never been a murder in the village of Rainbow Ranch, and it soon becomes apparent that the young Chief of Police is in over his head. Under pressure from the mayor, Lilliana is afraid he’ll arrest her simply to close the case. Her only option is to begin her own investigation and find the murderer—before she winds up in jail.

The first in a new cozy mystery series sure to engage you with its fascinating characters and twisty plot.

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Retired librarian Lilliana Wentworth’s reputation has drawn a slew of residents to the next meeting of the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community’s African Violet Club. It seems as if everyone is curious about their famous sleuth.

But when the retirement community’s newest resident, party girl Ruby Robinson, is murdered in plain sight, and the primary suspect is Lilliana’s friend Willie O’Mara, her joy at the thought of potential new members turns to dismay.

With the crowd crammed so close together in the small room, no one actually saw Willie commit the crime. But he was the only one who knew the victim.

Or was he?

With an abundance of elderly suspects, once again Lilliana is compelled to come to the aid of the small town chief of police to help solve a murder.

The village of Rainbow Ranch, Arizona is all abuzz since famous rodeo cowgirl Fox Fordyce came back to town. But not everyone is happy to see her.

When Lilliana’s friend Nancy is found standing over the body of the rodeo queen holding a gun, the chief of police thinks this will be his easiest crime to solve yet.

Lilliana is compelled to prove Nancy’s innocence, even while conceding she did have a motive. And means. And, apparently, opportunity.

Fox had a lot of history in the small town, most of it not very good. The more questions Lilliana asks, the more suspects she comes up with. With the help of her own version of the Baker Street Irregulars, Lilliana peels back the layers of secrets. But will she be able to unravel the mystery before Nancy is arrested?
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A prophecy. A discovery. A murder.

Persuaded by her best friend to attend a local psychic fair, retired librarian Lilliana Wentworth doesn’t really believe in fortunetelling. But her romance with a handsome and mysterious Scotsman has thrown her off-balance, disrupted her equilibrium, and she’s looking for guidance wherever she can find it.

When she overhears a tarot reader predict death to the young woman seated at a nearby table, she’s not so sure consulting a psychic is a good idea. Certainly it wasn’t for the woman the reading was meant for, who flees from the room in panic.

As Lilliana attempts to comfort the distraught stranger, she feels a touch of premonition herself. She has no idea what her romantic future might be, but she’s fairly certain she’ll soon be solving another murder.

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Who haunts the abandoned town of Greenville?

Rainbow Ranch, Arizona is neck deep in controversy over the development of a nearby ghost town into a tourist attraction. The business people see the ghost town as a boon. The townspeople see it as a blight. The dispute has the town choosing sides, tempers flaring. When one of the adversaries is murdered, suspects abound.

Including the Ghost of Greenville.

This time the chief of police doesn’t want her help. Even though he needs it. There’s too much at stake for the people of Rainbow Ranch for Lilliana to sit on her hands. She’s determined to solve the crime even if she has to solve it without the cooperation of the police chief.

Be sure to read this mystery filled with twists and turns!

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Lilliana Wentworth is preparing for Christmas, relieved that life in the Rainbow Ranch Retirement Community has settled down and gone back to normal.

Until the retirement home is sold.

And she literally stumbles over the body of the new administrator.

To make matters worse, her boyfriend, Christopher, has gone off to Scotland without her, and she hasn’t heard from him in too long a time. She jumps at the chance to help the small town police chief solve the crime, mostly to keep from thinking about that.

Can she capture the killer in time to have a happy holiday?

And will Lilliana get the only Christmas present she really wants?

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