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And here I’m supposed to tell you why I’m uniquely suited for doing what I do. That’s a bit difficult, because I’m a dabbler. I find the world an infinitely interesting place and am always investigating new things. I rarely become expert in any of them. My profession was as an application programmer, but most people aren’t interested in how to design and code an order processing system or a sales report.

This dabbling isn’t new. Remember those interest and aptitude tests we took in high school to determine what we should major in in college? I was really looking forward to finding out what that was. Unfortunately, when my mother and I met with the guidance counselor, his “guidance” was that I’d scored so evenly and so well in all categories, I could do anything I wanted to. In college (Michigan State because it had a Big Ten football team), I eventually wound up with a degree in psychology because it was as close to a non-major as I could get. It allowed me to take philosophy and anthropology and literature and astronomy and have it all count toward my degree.

I’ve worked in a library, as a waitress, made pizza, been a social worker, taught school, been a salesgirl, sorted tax returns at the IRS, and, as mentioned above, been a computer programmer. I went through a period when I tried Julia Child’s recipes and made homemade bread every week. I’ve done macrame, crocheted, played guitar, owned a telescope, and am now attempting to raise African violets.

And you know what? That’s a great resume for a novelist. Which is what I always wanted to be.

I write mysteries because the crime of murder is the crucible in which character is revealed. Individuals are tested, relationships are strained, and secrets are uncovered. What you thought was true usually isn’t. A delicious mixture of intellect and emotion.

I’m a member of Sisters in Crime, a national group of mystery writers and readers, and my local chapter. I’ve learned so much from both these groups, along with all the writers who blog about their experience. Writers are generous people.

Because I’m a dabbler, I can’t say this blog will stick to one topic. In fact, I know it won’t. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about whatever it is that has caught my attention each week.

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