September 22, 2022 - Struggles

Thursday, September 22, 2022

What was that I said about the story going much faster now?

That was optimistic. And untrue.

I find myself avoiding getting to my computer and actually writing this week. After a few days of struggling to write Bury Me Not, I realized something was wrong, especially when I started spending my time reading blog posts and attending webinars and looking at more classes. So I knew I had to figure out why I’m avoiding this story.

I was so excited when I came up with the idea for the Rainbow Ranch Mysteries. I bragged about having ideas for seven books in the series. I still think they’re good ideas. But they’re not getting me excited now. Worse than that, I started getting tension headaches. When I got a full-blown ocular migraine last week, I knew I had to ease off on myself. But I still want to write.

Well, what did I want to write then?

I thought about the Shipwreck Point Mysteries, and yes, I really do want to write The Case of the Impossible Illusion, but not just yet.

Then one day an idea drifted through my mind, and I was filled with excitement. It was the genre I wanted to write when I first started, but I failed miserably at it, which was why I stopped. I didn’t know how to write it or what flavor or subgenre was calling me. I still have those problems, but there’s a way to fix that.

One thing I need to do is read a bunch of books that are not cozy or historical mysteries. I bought a few of the bestsellers in the new genre this week and have started reading one of those now. The other is a plan for how to make this new venture a reality for me, by adding a writing group or course or something to the mix. I’ve been researching that this week and might have one possibility. (It’s more fun than writing right now.)

I will finish and publish Bury Me Not on schedule. I believe in keeping commitments. But there’s a good chance I’ll tell people to cancel their pre-orders and not spend money on it. Unless I surprise myself and the book turns out to be good despite my struggles.

But after that, I’m going to change up my routine. I’m going to do that reading and studying, exploring the possibilities. And get my website and newsletter revised. And maybe try writing some short stories as a challenge.

Bear with me. I’ll figure it out. Eventually. And, hopefully, I will come out with the best series I’ve ever written in the end.

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