May 12, 2022 - Progress!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

I’m happy to report that I’m making steady, if slow, progress on writing The Case of the Pirate’s Puzzle. With the pressure of meeting a daily word count gone, I’m thoroughly enjoying this book now. I take the time to research things like what an Italian restaurant menu would look like so Elisabeth and Stella can have lunch at one before writing the scene. Previously, I would have inserted one of those XXX markers to do that in revision. But, as I think I’ve said before, that makes the revision stage exceedingly tedious and frustrating.

This method also leaves time for sudden inspiration. Earlier today, while not working on the book, an idea for how I could slowly introduce my killer blossomed, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s always tricky to keep the murderer hidden, yet still play fair with the reader. Half of the fun of reading mysteries is in trying to figure out whodunit before the answer is revealed. But it can’t be too easy. And so I made a quick note before I made breakfast, because I tend to remember that I had an idea, but not necessarily what it was if I wait too long. It was sitting there for me when I actually sat down to write this morning.

Then, after a longish nap this afternoon, I was ready to go back to working on the cover. Cover design is always a lot of trial and error, playing with different ideas before the right combination clicks. I like what I’ve got right now, but I also have an alternate version that I might use. I’ll have to try that tomorrow, as it’s getting late. If you’re reading this on my actual blog, here’s a thumbnail of what I have tonight.

Pirate's Puzzle Book Cover

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