March 3, 2022 - The Case of the Pirate's Puzzle

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Today was the second day I added new words to the sixth book in my Shipwreck Point series. I have to admit, there were only a few words yesterday, as I had to reread what I’d written so far to know what I needed to write next. Most of yesterday’s words were fixing up what I’d already done, changing wording, adding a few details that I thought the reader would need to understand what was going on, that kind of thing.

But today’s words were genuinely new parts of the story. I’m mostly writing this “into the dark” or “pantsing.” I have my primary suspect, a character readers of this series have met before, my victim, and, I think, the actual killer. I’m not exactly sure about that yet. I have several other suspects, all who have a valid reason to kill the victim. Of course. It wouldn’t be a very good mystery if the suspects didn’t all have motives.

What I need is what exactly the puzzle is. I’d started working on that before the break, and came up with a few ideas to base a puzzle around, but have no details on that. I suppose I should give that my attention tomorrow, but that means I won’t be adding to my word count for the book. However, since “puzzle” is in the title, I think I have to introduce what it is sooner rather than later, so I’ll pull out the looseleaf notebook I have with all kinds of articles on how to construct a puzzle (left over from the days when I thought I’d be writing interactive fiction) and the book I bought years ago on secret codes.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having fun writing this story.

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