February 20, 2022 It Wasn't a Day of Rest

Sunday, February 20, 2022

I make it a practice to take Sunday off from writing tasks. Everyone needs a day to recharge and focus on other things like worship, reading, and sometimes going somewhere I don’t usually go during the week. But my goal was to send Homicide on the Range to my beta readers tomorrow—Tuesday at the latest—and I wasn’t through with revisions yet.

I really had to finish them, which I did in a way. I now have a stack of pages with red marks all over them. But I have yet to type them into the Scrivener documents. I don’t have enough energy to do that tonight, so it will have to wait another day.

Then Amazon rejected the cover on “Return to Rainbow Ranch”. I thought I’d adjusted the margins on the paperback enough to pass, but obviously I hadn’t. So early this morning I was tweaking that again. Now I’m waiting for it to pass review, which I hope it will be tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I got a new phone last weekend, and I’ve been procrastinating on setting it up because I know these things never go easily. But I have a deadline to return the old phone for credit, so I thought I’d better bite the bullet yesterday and switch over the phones.


I knew I was in trouble when I found three (maybe four) slightly different sets of instructions on how to make the swap. That’s not counting the times my computer and/or phone didn’t respond with what the instructions said it should. I got to one of those points, and the instructions for the new phone told me to make a call to support on a different phone for assistance.

Except the only other phone I had was the old phone, which a previous instruction had told me to turn off or terrible things would happen. Back in the old days, I would have used my land line, but who has a land line now? So I turned on the old phone since I already had a problem and I had no other way to get help.

Of course, in walking me through what to do next, the support person warned me that I’d get cut off during one step. When that happened, I was supposed to turn on my new phone and follow the prompts there. She told me she’d call me back in 30-45 minutes.

What she didn’t allow for was that the changeover stopped to upgrade the operating system on the new phone, which made it unavailable to take any calls during that time frame. Anyway, after the usual aggravation, I now have the new phone operational and the old phone ready to ship back for credit.

Which is why I need some downtime tonight instead of making revisions.

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