February 16, 2022 Moving Right Along

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Today was a good day, if you define that as making progress on my Work-In-Process. I am more than halfway done making revision notes on my printed copy of Homicide on the Range, and I should be able to finish up tomorrow or Friday.

Then, of course, comes making the actual changes to the Scrivener version. Scrivener is what I write in, for a lot of reasons which I won’t go into tonight. I must have written a blog post on it sometime in the past. If things work out, I should be able to send the book off to my beta readers no later than Monday, which is right on schedule.

I should have been able to do this sooner, but I struggled all of last week with applying myself to the task. I had no enthusiasm for the job and, as a result, procrastinated on sitting down to actually do it. And was easily distracted every time I began to work. The solution to that problem came in Sunday’s sermon at church.

I know, that sounds rather odd, and if you’d ever told me that church sermons would be good for mystery writing, I would have arched an eyebrow as I looked at you. Naturally, that wasn’t what the pastor was preaching about, but one short sentence from it worked for me. That sentence was:

Life is not “have to” but “get to”.

Now, I’ve heard other writers express this idea in a slightly different way and a very different context, but this sentence did it for me. You see, I kept looking at the revisions as a “have to,” i.e., I have to get those revisions done. A chore. With a deadline. Something I’d rather do anything else than.

But when I changed the task to I get to do revisions on my novel, it suddenly became something positive. I realized how lucky I am to be able to do the thing I always dreamed of doing. I am a novelist and I’m soon going to publish another book!

Almost all the obstacles to being successful are mental. I know that. But often it’s hard to come up with the exact way to change your attitude in order to overcome them. Fortunately, this week someone else did that part for me.

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