December 3, 2021

Friday, December 03, 2021

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to finish all my writing tasks by the end of November so I can enjoy the holidays. And every year, I’m running behind.

Except for this year, oddly enough. Part of that has to be lowering expectations. I never dreamed that I’d be able to revise and publish my NaNo novel by the end of the year. And there are no other novels in progress at the moment. Before NaNo, I wrote two short stories, which are easier to complete in a limited amount of time. Yes, I said that. Me, the person who has always said she couldn’t write short. Somehow that changed recently. I’ll have to see if I can write another one in the next few months.

Ironically, I have no holiday plans this year. The family isn’t getting together at a particular location. Some are still afraid of COVID. Others have personal stuff going on. And I spent my holiday travel money on a research trip I’ll be taking at the beginning of February.

So, what do I do with a free month?

I’m taking courses. A writer I respect has a lot of short courses up on Teachable, as well as some more intensive workshops with weekly assignments. I’ve taken a couple in the past, and always said I wanted to take more, but they’re on the expensive side for me. Expensive being defined as anything over $10. I tend to buy books to learn from whenever I can, because they’re generally under that $10 limit. But this writer ran a half-price sale for Black Friday and I got a healthy royalty deposit from Amazon at the end of November, so I sprang for two courses.

And got reminded I had about four more from when I contributed to a Kickstarter he and his wife (also a writer) ran this past year when I looked at my dashboard. Woohoo!

(You didn’t think this severe introvert meant an actual party with people and streamers and balloons and such, did you?)

I’m also trying to figure out what my writing schedule should look like to work for me. That’s a work in progress. I’m planning one week at a time and seeing how close I come to doing what I planned. As usual, it’s not 100%. But that’s okay, because this is a trial run so I can figure out what my real writing schedule will be in 2022. And that’s fun, too.

That’s all for now!

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