December 13, 2021 - Resting?

Monday, December 13, 2021

After several years in a row of pushing to publish a new book by the end of the year, this year I decided I would allow myself to rest between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I’d enjoy the holidays, read and watch movies, and see what kinds of activities I could go to.

As Robert Burns said:

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Gang aft agley, 

What happened?

An odd thing happens toward the end of the year. With a new year on the horizon and a blank slate to start over, I begin to think about what I’ll be doing then. Like most writers, I set goals for myself each year, generally consisting of write more words, publish more books, and learn new things.

“Learn new things” is my kryptonite. With sales on courses during the week after Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist buying a couple. And opening up that particular Teachable school reminded me of several other courses I’d accumulated earlier in the year by taking part in a Kickstarter for the author that gives them. Oh.

And lots of authors are giving one last push with webinars and presentations to sell their courses in an effort to boost their income. While I’m not going to buy another course this year, I am tempted to attend the free teasers. Today I spent an hour watching a presentation on how to use Goodreads to gather more readers and sell more books. Since I’d much rather spend time on Goodreads than Twitter or Instagram, it sounded like a worthwhile use of my time. I think it was, but now I’ve got a whole bunch of more stuff to do.

Plus, I promised a writer acquaintance I’d read and review her latest book in December and I haven’t even started it.

Then there’s research I want to do for the books I’ll be writing next year. And doing the planning for which books I’ll write and publish and advertise in the future.

So all that free time has pretty much evaporated.

Does anyone know where I can get a time turner?

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