November 2, 2021 - NaNoWriMo Begins

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

After waiting eagerly for November 1st, I discovered that I was a little rusty at this writing thing. I struggled mightily on Day 1, taking a little over three hours to get just over 2,000 words. I wasn’t terribly happy about most of them, but the only way out is through (which is almost what Robert Frost said, who seems to be the originator of this expression). In other words, the only way to improve is to keep going, which is why I made myself do a second writing session on Monday to reach that 2,000 words.

It worked, because I liked the second thousand a lot better than the first. And I was rewarded with a little gem from my muse. It turns out one of the ranch hands is an expert at gun twirling. He’s the standard quirky character in a cozy mystery, but lacking for humorous dialogue for him in the first scene, I had to come up with something. (And it allowed me to watch a couple of YouTube videos of cowboys doing tricks with guns, thus avoiding some writing time.)

On Tuesday, I thought I’d do better because the next scene was plotted more thoroughly. But as I wrote, I realized I was tending to put way too much backstory in this scene. My task is to introduce all my suspects, give some indication as to why they might kill the victim, but not so much as to bore the reader. As a sure sign that I was not accomplishing this goal, I started to bore myself. Hmmm…

So I quit at 1100 words, intending to come back to the writing later, but I got caught up in the World Series game, then there was finally a new episode of The Curse of Oak Island, and I fell asleep watching TV, and… Well, you know the drill. One excuse after another.

Which is why I’m at my computer early on Wednesday. I’m 200 words behind by NaNo’s schedule, but more than that by mine, which includes Sundays off. So I need to get to the writing early this morning and put in the time to catch up.

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