November 17, 2021 - It's Been a While

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Recently, I’ve had to make hard choices about what I’m doing with my time. In addition to working on my NaNoWriMo novel, I’ve been trying to catch up on all the videos from the recent conference as well as working on planning for next year. That hasn’t left much time for posting my progress.

I fell behind on the NaNo Novel, which is sometimes a fatal mistake. You look at how many words you’ve written and how many words you should have written by this time, and it can be discouraging. You can do one of three things. You can quit because you know you’ll never catch up. You can put in extra time to get those missing words. Or you can tell yourself that the actual number of words you’ve written doesn’t matter; what matters is getting as many words as you can reasonably write.

I’m at the option 2 point. I’m not so far behind that I can’t finish the month at 50,000 words… yet. I’ve written 25,345 words so far. I should have written 28,339. So 3,000 words behind, which I can get close to in a day if I really push myself. That would mean giving up one of my Sundays off. Or I can plan on writing approximately 2500 words each day instead of 1667. I’m trying 2500 words a day. Unless I can’t catch up, in which case, I’ll have to look closely at those Sundays.

I’m also working on the planning part. This came about because of one of those conference sessions I watched. I try to plan out every year, and after being disappointed with how many books I published this year, I want to do better in 2022. But that takes doing some analysis on my numbers for 2021 before I can even start thinking about what I’ll do next year. And 2021 isn’t over yet. Will I be able to publish the novel I’m writing now before the end of the year? So I’m looking at scheduling the rest of this year as well.

And, as always, everything takes longer than I think it will!

Needless to say, journaling my writing progress goes to the bottom of my to-do list. I’m not sure when I’ll post the next update. It all depends on how much I get done earlier in the day. But I’ll post when I can for those of you who are interested.

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