October 25, 2021 - A Necessary Distraction Today

Monday, October 25, 2021

 My to-do list is getting very long. In between working on the first novel of the new series, I’m trying to get a related novella finalized. Months ago, I realized that although I had it in my head as to how and why Lilliana and Christopher leave the retirement home, there was no such explanations for my readers.

I’m writing the first book in the Rainbow Ranch Mysteries as if someone picking it up had never heard of the African Violet Club Mysteries series. The idea was to have what’s called another “entry point” into my novels. It was only later that I realized there were a bunch of readers who would be going, “What? How’d they get there?”

So I wrote that story earlier this year, and I want to have it ready for people to read before the first Rainbow Ranch Mysteries book comes out. There are lots of steps to that, and the next one on my list was putting it through ProWritingAid. This is probably my least favorite part of producing a novel. Or novella, in this case.

The software determines what it thinks is wrong with my grammar, spelling, style, and everything else it can think of. Lots of times, it’s right. (I almost always write “baited” breath instead of “bated” breath.) But lots of times, it’s flat out wrong. But the worst times are when it might be right, and I have to decide whether to change what I’ve written to what PWA suggests or keep it the way I wrote it in the first place. That’s hard work.

I finished that up before lunch time, so, being a glutton for punishment, I decided to put the novella through some formatting software I just bought rather than using Scrivener’s formatting like I usually do. This resulted in much trial and error with pauses to watch videos and redo several steps, one of which included contacting tech support.

I wonder what adventures I’ll have tomorrow. 

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