October 12, 2021 - What's the Plot?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Before the move, I was working on the first book in my new series. I remember working out all the details of the victim, killer, and suspects and feeling really good about what I was going to write. Now that I’m mostly settled in and going to write the book for NaNo, I thought it was time to refresh my memory about the story and flesh out the details.

There’s only one problem. All the “feel” for the story that I had before the moving break is gone. I recognize what I wrote in my one line per scene outline, but not the richness that should happen in addition to that one line. And the ending is very sketchy, which was what I was hoping to flesh out.

So to feel like I’m making progress on this story, I started thinking about some other things.

For one thing, Lilliana, my senior sleuth had completed her character arc in the first series, and I thought she should have a new arc for the new series. I even got an idea as to what that should be. That required a new character, and I came up with a really exciting concept. The more I worked on that character, the more I thought this was going to be an excellent story.

There’s only one problem. It can’t be the main story of a murder mystery. So I have to figure out a way to stretch it over multiple books, not use a lot of what I’m coming up with right away, which is kind of deflating.

And I still have the problem of working out the ending of the murder mystery satisfactorily.

I know I’ll figure it out eventually. I always do. But at the moment, I’m in the stage where my brain is jumping around to all kinds of ideas and things I should do and not solving the central problem.

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