October 1, 2021 - Trying to find my routine

Friday, October 01, 2021

With cartons still left to unpack, organize, or find a place for, I haven’t quite established a new routine (although my old one is struggling to reassert itself). But I’m trying to do some writing task before tackling the next batch of boxes each day.

Today, I did the last bit of revision on my Halloween story, “Murder at a Masked Ball” and then put it through ProWritingAid. That’s my least favorite part of the writing process. PWA doesn’t understand the subtleties of language, especially when I’m trying to write in a more old-fashioned style on purpose. I’m surprised that it picks on what it considers excess verbiage even in dialogue. For instance, I have one of my characters say they were “a bit” something, like a bit tired or a bit confused. PWA, in its no-nonsense way, thinks the sentences would be a lot clearer if I eliminated “a bit” and just said they were tired or confused. It has no understanding of the subtle difference between the two.

On the other hand, it’s gratifying to discover I had zero usage of passive voice, one of the things that I had to change a lot in past years. It seems natural to tell a story in passive voice, but the words aren’t as strong that way.

Anyway, I sent the story off to my chief beta reader and requested some others from among mystery writer friends in a group I belong to, so hopefully I’ll be getting feedback in the next few days. I’ve already started looking for artwork for the cover, which is another difficult part of the process. I always think it will be easy to find a picture that reflects my story or novel, but the stock photo sites never seem to have what I think would be the most obvious kind of picture.

Until tomorrow.

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