September 29, 2021 - I'm Back

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What a month this has been. I just hope I don’t have to move again for a very long time. I have too much stuff. I got used to that not mattering so much since I had a large closet in my office and a larger one in the hall that I called the pantry, but it also stored Christmas decorations, cat stuff, and pots, soil, and other supplies for my African violets and houseplants. I have closets here, but they’re smaller, and the one in my office is also the laundry room and the cat room, so no storage for boxes.

But I’m not complaining. I love the layout of this apartment, and it’s in much better shape than my old one. I had an adventure with the stove this morning (I’ve been using my crock pot and the microwave so far), which has a glass top (which I had in my house) and fancy digital controls (which I didn’t). All I wanted to do was scramble eggs, but figuring out the buttons was a challenge, particularly in turning the burner off. I was proud of myself for making the eggs, but pushing the digital button again, which was supposed to turn it off, kept showing H5, which I thought was an indication of the temperature and meant High 5, and that the stove was still on.

After poking at the buttons again, I brought my breakfast into my office and searched the internet for the instruction manual so I could turn the stove off. After reading through the appropriate page a couple of times, I figured out I had turned it off, and what the indicator was saying was HS, for Hot Surface, and that it would go off when the stove cooled. Duh.

But at last I have, finally, gotten back to writing. Or planning for writing. I spent over an hour figuring out my tasks for the rest of this year and the first quarter of next year. I’m going to try to work in some craft study as well as planning and writing two novels in that time. I have several books that I’ve bought this past year that I haven’t read yet. Or only skimmed. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine, but it won’t be as intensive as I’d like it to be.

I still have a lot of boxes to unpack and organize.

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