August 7, 2021 - I Just Keep On Truckin'

Saturday, August 07, 2021

 I spent lots more time on searching for covers images today. I had given up on that and told myself I’d think about it after I plan the novel this coming week. But while I was in the shower (Don’t everyone’s best ideas come to them in the shower?), I suddenly came up with a concept that would simplify making covers for this new series. I’d already downloaded some graphics that I could use for the background. It was “just” a matter of finding the objects to put on top of that.

Yeah, I always think that.

Anyway, I’m close to having images I can work with, and if not, I remembered that I actually know a graphic artist. He does the artwork for a friend of mine’s picture books, and I used to be in a critique group with them. So, if I really need something different than what I can find on stock photo sites, I’ll speak with Elaine and ask her if I should approach him.

Fortunately, there were several natural breaks in my day, and I was able to tear myself away from looking at pictures long enough to write 1,000 more words on the short story. This one is flowing pretty well. It’s amazing what an outline will do. I should be able to finish it up in two or three more days.

And then there was the “emergency” for the Tucson chapter of Sisters in Crime. I’m the newsletter editor, so whenever the board realizes they need something from the members right away or there’s an announcement that needs to go out, I get a flurry of emails in my inbox as they debate exactly what it is they want me to do with that. I have to sort through them and make an engaging email to the members out of all that. As you can guess, one of those things happened between yesterday and today.

So I’ve just finished sending out a newsletter and thought I’d better write and post this blog before turning off my computer for the night. Remember, I don’t work on Sundays, so you’ll next see something from me on Monday evening.

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