August 31, 2021 - This Week's Progress So Far

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

I’m continuing with my plan for working on the short story. Yesterday I wrote 555 words and today I wrote 964 words. If I didn’t have so much other stuff to do, I probably could have written twice as much. This is one story where I’ve actually got everything I wanted to say in it in my outline. As I write, I’m discovering some additional information, but nothing that affects the basic structure of the tale. I can only hope that the outline for the novel will be as complete when I start writing that.

I also watched one of the Amazon KDP videos this morning, one with Dakota Krout. I knew his name because he’s one of the perennial bestsellers on Amazon, but not too much more than that. It was a very interesting interview about how he started as an author, mistakes he made and things he did right, and how he learned so much and now is not only successful himself, but how he’s published several other indie authors who have also become bestsellers.

He writes litrpg, which stands for role playing game literature. Think Ready Player One, which kind of started the genre, but from what I hear isn’t actually typical of how it developed. Litrpg isn’t my cup of tea, but I did read Ready Player One and liked it. Just not enough to read more in the genre.

One of the things he does both with his own books and with those of the authors he publishes is use the rapid release strategy. In his case, that doesn’t mean writing a book a month. It means waiting until you have three books in a series written, no matter how long that takes you, then releasing them a month apart, complete with pre-orders on each so you build momentum. Libby Hawker does this as well. He thinks you need to do this to build confidence in readers that you will not write just one book that they love and then never write anything continuing the story. If I understood Dakota correctly, once you’ve built this trust, it doesn’t matter much how long it takes for you to publish book four or five or seventeen in the series. I think Libby Hawker only wrote three-book series when she was touting this strategy, and since mystery series are usually just getting going at the three-book mark, it didn’t seem to apply to me.

I’m particularly interested in this since I am working on a new series now. I had intended to write one book, maybe two in this series, publish them as they were done, then write another book in the Shipwreck Point series. The idea would be to alternate between the series. But after listening to Dakota Krout, I’m thinking I’ll write, but not publish, the first two books, then a Shipwreck Point book which I will publish, then start work on the third in the new series. When I’m a month out from finishing it, I’ll publish the first book in the series, and then the next two to get that rapid release boost. Then I’ll start alternating books in each of the series.

He also had some interesting ideas on Amazon ads, but if you want to know what that was, you’ll have to watch the video yourself. 😉

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