August 17, 2021 - Writing

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Since I didn’t feel like I got much done yesterday even though I know it’s all part of the process, I decided that I needed to write new words today. And so I opened up the short story that I’m writing as a transition between the African Violet Club Mysteries and the new Rainbow Ranch Mysteries. I left that off in the middle to try to plan the new series, which meant I had to go back and reread what I’d written so far.

It wasn’t bad, although I did find a few typos and missing words that I had to fix. I managed 1626 words today, even though I wasn’t a hundred percent clear as to where some of the scenes were going. For some reason, I’m a lot more confident writing in this world than I am in Shipwreck Point. I suppose it’s because I’ve known Lilliana so long, writing in her voice comes naturally to me. I know her well enough that I can have her do things and be sure of how she would approach a situation or react to something that happens.

I definitely felt more productive writing than searching for photographs on the internet.

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