August 13, 2021 - Focus

Friday, August 13, 2021

A good day today. I was able to focus on planning the first book in my new Rainbow Ranch Mysteries. I now have at least a minimal character profile for my killer, my victim, and the four additional suspects. I’ve also got the “master plot” or theme for both my sleuth and the killer. I’ve figured out that for mysteries, you can’t just focus on the protagonist, because the antagonist, aka killer, is just as much of a driving force for the story as the protagonist is. Maybe more.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to start filling in the details of the plot points for this novel. That will probably mean exploring secondary characters and figuring out what complications will get in the way of my sleuth solving the mystery.

I’m not sure I’ll make my goal of starting the first draft on Monday, but I’m hoping for the end of next week. Then I go into all-out NaNoWriMo mode.

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