August 12, 2021 - A Brief Update

Thursday, August 12, 2021

 Just a short note tonight to keep from skipping too many days.

My focus today was working on character sheets for the killer, victim, and suspects in the first novel. It’s days like today when I wish I had chosen to write romance where you only have to be very detailed about two people. As I think about motives for the various suspects, things always get complicated. There has to be a whole history between each of them and the victim for it to make sense that they’d want to kill him or her.

I also keep thinking about the cast of continuing characters who are, after all, the reason readers keep coming back to a series. It’s not usually because the mystery is so clever. No, in the African Violet Club mysteries, I’m sure everyone—including me—kept reading because they wanted to know if Lilliana would find her Prince Charming and her purpose in life. And what sweater Nancy would knit next. And how all the other characters were doing with their health issues and families and social activities. I developed those over a period of years. Now I’m faced with pretty much a blank slate, and all of those side characters are merely the deputy sheriff, the ranch foreman, the old timer, and things like that.

Eventually I’ll figure it all out, but not today.

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