August 11, 2021 - Rain

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

No, the title doesn’t have much to do with writing, although it is the excuse I have for not being more productive today than I was. Our very rainy monsoon continues. Last night, a thunderstorm parked itself over Tucson and deluged us with an incredible amount of water. Now, the window in my office has been known to leak during a heavy rain, but last night water was pouring in. I used up five bath towels over time, trying to keep the water from soaking everything.

I then had to bring those towels to the laundry room this morning and wash, and more importantly, dry them so I’ll be prepared for the next storm, which may come as soon as tomorrow night. I spoke with the office today, and I was the second, although not the last, I’m sure to complain about a leaking window. She had more calls from residents on the first floor, who must have had water flowing under their doors.

Not only are washes, our usually dry stream beds, filled to overflowing, the fire department was doing swift water rescues on Broadway last night. There was just that much water.

Anyway, I continue to make slow but steady progress on my writing. I did a lot more work on fleshing out my characters for the first novel in the new series yesterday, and wrote almost 800 words on the short story today.

I also spent a lot more time on coming up with a concept and a design for the covers for this series. After much frustration yesterday, today I made great progress on a different idea. I hope to have something worth showing in another week, at least to the writers in my mystery sprint group, to see if they think I’m on the right track.

I’m hoping for a lot more writing progress tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain too hard.

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