Who is Titus Strong?

Saturday, January 02, 2021

To be an effective criminal defense counsel, an attorney must be prepared to be demanding, outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous, a rogue, a renegade, and a hated, isolated, and lonely person — few love a spokesman for the despised and the damned.

Clarence Darrow

As I start to plan the next book in the Shipwreck Point Mysteries, I’m taking a look at notes I made when starting the series. I do this each time, refreshing my memory as to what my vision was for the stories and the characters. I compare that vision to how the books have developed, and weigh the two against one another. Are they still they same? If not, is one better than the other?

As you might have guessed, the quote above contributed heavily to my concept of Titus Strong. This played out in the first book as Titus took as a client the madam of a popular bawdy house in the town of Whitby. Not many attorneys would consider defending a lady of Katie Sullivan’s reputation.

But Titus is different than most attorneys. He came from a lowly background, dreamed of becoming a wealthy member of the upper class, and discovered his dream, once he achieved it, was a nightmare.

He’s grown through the course of the books, generally for the better, but he still has doubts about which way he is headed. I think he’ll always battle with what the two sides of him want.

I’m thinking this will form a key part of the tale in the next book. I’ll be thinking a lot about whether Titus is blasphemous, hated, and isolated as well as demanding and a renegade. It might be interesting to write that, but I'm not so sure readers will want to read it.

And so I have my own personal dilemma to battle with. I'll let you know how that turns out.

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