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Friday, April 17, 2020
I’m finally adjusting to the new reality, just in time for things to change again. I’ve got my mask (with another one on order from Etsy) and my hand sanitizer, cans of vegetables, tuna, and salmon, and have finally been able to concentrate on writing for some period of each day. As an aside, I can tell you this mask thing is not gonna fly in Arizona in the summer! Not unless someone comes up with a way to put air conditioning in them.

So, where are the books?

I’m in the middle of proofreading The Case of the Angry Artist and should be done no later than tomorrow. (Unless I need another nap. Naps are good.) I’ve also put some serious work into plotting The Case of the Comely Clairvoyant. I think this is going to be a good one. I’ve been reading several history books for background on the Suffragist movement and the role of Spiritualism in it. I’ve also dipped into the smaller history books of the town Shipwreck Point is based on for the political atmosphere in general at the time.

While the first two books are like television show episodes, The Case of the Comely Clairvoyant is starting to feel like a feature-length film. It’s as if I was just getting warmed up so I could write this new book. The town of Whitby, aka Shipwreck Point, is being populated with a number of interesting people. I think you’ll enjoy meeting them. I know I have. It really is fun to have your own imaginary place to go to when you’re mostly staring out the windows at empty streets.

I’ve also gotten the first couple of takes on the new covers for this series. Wowzer! It’s amazing what a cover artist can do. As soon as she does the cover for The Case of the Angry Artist, I’ll put it up for pre-order. If you want to know when that will be, sign up for my newsletter (it's in the sidebar), since I’ll announce it there first.

I think that’s it for now. I have to get back to writing. Stay safe!

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