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Friday, April 05, 2019
Last week I told you I had another project I wanted to do. Have you been eagerly anticipating what that was?

Probably not, but I have.

Ever since I came up with the concept of a fairy garden on Lilliana’s patio with the mailbox flag to signal Uaine, I’ve wanted to have the real thing for myself.

Here it is!

I really like it. Oh, it isn’t perfect. The soil needs to settle a bit. I didn’t want to press it down and compact it around the roots. And I didn’t realize the mailbox I ordered—which does open and close and the flag does go up and down—wasn’t to scale with the rest of the pieces. I also didn’t use the same assortment of plants I describe in the books. I decided to stick to succulents which stand a better chance of surviving our arid climate.

I’m still doing another kind of gardening—plot gardening—for the next African Violet Club mystery. The working title for this one is Golden Yellow Murder, but that might change. I’m not quite sure what will happen yet, but I think there will be swords involved. And maybe even a battle axe. Blame my local Sisters in Crime chapter, where we’re scheduled to have an expert speak on sword fighting this month.

I also haven’t decided whether Christopher will stay safely tucked away in Scotland while Lilliana continues to solve murders at the retirement home or whether they’ll solve murders together in the future. I’m thinking of something like Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man) or possibly something like Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence. Both of those are kind of dated, but I’m not aware of any modern couples who are amateur sleuths and solve mysteries. Do you know of a more current series like that?

I’ve also been making steady, if slow, progress on my western romance. You won’t see that one any time soon, I’m afraid.

At least I’ve discovered a writer who writes romances with the kind of rich prose I aspire to. Nora Roberts! (Don’t laugh. I told you I haven’t read much romance in the past.) I downloaded a boxed set of The MacKade Brothers Collection and I’m highlighting things in the first book like crazy as I read it.

March was a busy month, and April looks to be even busier!

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