Yes, I Did Work Today After All

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
It's not like I'm anxious to publish this book or anything, but before I checked Facebook or email or anything else today, I worked on preparing the PDF that's needed for the paperback version of Double Pink Murder. It's been nearly a year since I did Royal Purple, so I had to hunt around in my compile options in Scrivener before I found the right one. And fiddle with the "level" of the last pages of the book. Levels are the way you specify what something will look like on the page in Scrivener, things such as whether the page has a title or not, what the font and spacing are, etc. Understanding levels is half the problem with learning how to "compile" your manuscript from Scrivener to a form you can print out or publish.

I checked in with my goals group, something I should have done yesterday. In this group, we post what we accomplished the prior week and what we intend to accomplish in the coming week. Knowing there are people looking forward to seeing how you did is a great motivator to get things done!

As long as I'd started down that path, after lunch I made a visit to Bowker to assign an ISBN to the print book. Then I sent in an online copyright registration request at the US Copyright Office.

Finally, I started the book setup on CreateSpace, As usual, I had to stop at the point where they verify your uploaded file will print a book correctly. For some reason, once I get that "This will take a few minutes" message, the process always gets stuck. They say they'll send you an email when it's done, but my experience is that I have to go back to the book publishing page and get the message that they can't do an online verification and it will have to wait until you get to a further step. So far, every book has gotten through that way with no changes, so I'm not sure what causes the stall.

Anyway, I just got back from buying a gallon of milk and thought I'd put this post up because I have a meeting tonight. I can pretty much guarantee I won't fell like writing anything after I get home from the meeting.

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