Double Pink Murder Cover Reveal!

Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm thrilled to show you the cover for Double Pink Murder. Yes, this time Lilliana visits an observatory outside the village of Rainbow Ranch. As you might be able to guess, the release of the fourth book in the African Violet Club series is getting closer.

What the Story is About

A prophecy. A discovery. A murder.

Persuaded by a somewhat ditzy friend to attend a local psychic fair, retired librarian Lilliana Wentworth doesn’t really believe in fortunetelling. But her romance with a handsome and mysterious Scotsman has thrown her off-balance, disrupted her equilibrium, and she’s looking for guidance wherever she might find it.

When she overhears a tarot reader predict death to the young woman seated at her table, she’s not so sure consulting a psychic is a good idea. Certainly it wasn’t for the woman the reading was meant for, who flees from the room in panic.

As Lilliana attempts to comfort the distraught stranger, she feels a touch of premonition herself. She has no idea what her romantic future might be, but she’s fairly certain she’ll soon be solving another murder.

Be sure to read this latest adventure in the African Violet Club Mysteries.

More Coming Soon!

Make sure to check back for more news about Double Pink Murder.

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