Day 9 Journal

Friday, June 09, 2017
As usual, downloaded sales and AMS ad data. Amazon has changed the format of its reports, so I'm waiting for an update to the spreadsheet I post these to. And just when I'd finally caught up!

Continued proofreading, but made minimal progress. I ran into another chapter that needed a lot of work. I had five beta readers give me feedback, and I still had places where words were missing. I also had words that sounded repeated too often or didn't have the exact meaning I wanted when read aloud. It always takes a lot of time with a dictionary and/or thesaurus to come up with the right word in these cases. I had to delve into the Chicago Manual of Style to make sure I had the format for time of day correct. There's a fine distinction between when you should use five-thirty and 5:30. I know most readers won't notice these kinds of things, but I like to get them right.

Friday is grocery shopping day, so that took up a portion of the afternoon. I also had to make time to pay bills. Normal regular tasks, but they do take up time.

Looking forward to tomorrow when I shouldn't have any external distractions to getting some serious work done.

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