Day 5 Journal

Monday, June 05, 2017
This morning I started with taking all the sales data I collect every day and updating the spreadsheet I use to track it. Because of a good day yesterday in particular, I have a steady upward trend in books sold and pages read through Kindle Unlimited. That's encouraging, especially after a sluggish May.

I got distracted by some discussions in a couple of writing groups I belong to. Writers tend to have strong opinions on how we do what we do and different ways to accomplish our goals and dreams. I'm no exception. So when one writer pontificates to a group and I don't agree, I have a tendency to pontificate right back.

That meant a delay in doing my real work for today, which was to start the read aloud of Double Pink Murder. This helps me proofread, pick up errors, and also tells me where I've got sentences that are too long or awkwardly worded. Not nearly as much progress made on this as I'd hoped for, but at least I got started. Tomorrow, I'll have to stay away from those discussions and stick to the task at hand.

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