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Saturday, June 03, 2017
Eventually, I'm going to have to come up with better headings for these entries, but I'm usually tired when I write them, which is not the best frame of mind to be brilliant.

Last night I wrote I wasn't sure what I'd do today as if I was out of things to do. LOL A writer's work is never done.

After my morning coffee, sales data download, and Facebook, I remembered that I might have an issue with the timing of certain events in the novel. When I started planning this book, I set up a blank calendar and started recording on which dates and times each scene took place. However, I didn't keep that up for too long as I wrote the book. This morning, I pulled up that calendar and the Scrivener project of Double Pink Murder. Fortunately, I'd set up custom fields in this project, one of which was date and time, and was diligent about entering that when I wrote each scene.

After working my way through the book, I knew I was right. The days and weeks didn't add up. It wasn't too big of a fix, and none of my beta readers had noticed it, but I like things to be tidy, so I added a few sentences to make that come out right.

Then I tackled one of my least favorite jobs--writing the book description. This is one of the most difficult parts of getting a book ready for publication. The only one harder is coming up with a snappy tagline, the one sentence that captures the essence of the book and a potential reader's imagination.

The reason both of these are hard is trying to distill sixty thousand or more (sometimes many more) words into a few hundred takes a lot of leaving things out. As the writer, you're too tempted to try to tell the whole story rather than just enough to get a potential reader to buy the book. I've gotten better at it over the years, but it's still something I dread.

Still, you can't publish a book without one, and it was time to make myself work on the description, or sales copy, for this one. I came up with something fairly good in not too long a time. I might change it before publication if I think of something better, but it's one more thing accomplished.

A few chores, including cleaning the master bathroom, and then settling down for the Red Sox game (they won!), followed my the US Men's Soccer Team match against Venezuela (a tie). And then on to this blog to end my day.

See you again tomorrow.

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