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Saturday, June 17, 2017
My idea when I started this was to post a new entry on every writing day. Yesterday, I was very tired. I even went to bed early the night before and didn't get out of bed until 6:00 AM. That might seem early to you, but my cats think breakfast time is closer to five.

I put in a couple of hours working on my keyword list for some new Amazon ads. That certainly took a lot longer than I expected! There were many authors and book titles that KDP Rocket had found that were unfamiliar to me. Now, Dave Chesson says to review your keywords to make sure they're relevant to your book, because some publishers put books in categories where they think they'll rank high rather than ones that match their book. I've seen that myself, so I decided to check out the unfamiliar titles and authors.

It's a good thing I did! Somehow the search routine thought gay romance novels were a match for my African Violet Club Mysteries. Now, I think people should be able to choose whatever sexual partner they like. I live in a world where I see and talk to gay people every day. I even included a gay character in one of my Community of Faith mysteries. (That's a whole other blog post.) But I don't think readers of gay romance novels are a good match to my cozy mysteries, where having people do more than chaste kisses can be distasteful to some readers. (Another blog post.)

Weeding out the inappropriate keywords is a tedious task, to say the least. It requires searching Amazon for each one I didn't recognize to see if it should stay or go. I guess that's part of what tired me out. So I never made it back to my computer to write an entry here.

Today was the monthly Tucson Sisters in Crime meeting. This counts as working as well as socializing. Today was a particularly good meeting. The morning speaker was the head of the Tucson Police Department's Hostage Negotiating Team. Great information about how this is done, including an audio playback of part of an actual hostage situation. I kept wondering how I could work this into one of my mysteries. Don't be surprised if Lilliana is taken hostage in a future book!

The afternoon speakers were an investigator from the Tucson Fire Department and a sergeant from the Tucson Police Department who are responsible for the investigation of questionable fires. In other words, arson investigations, although you can't determine if it's arson until after you investigate, which is why the odd terminology. The fire department investigator determines the cause of the fire and how it started, the physical evidence as to pattern and whether an accelerant was used, that kind of thing. The police department investigator questions people and follows any leads provided by what the fire department investigator turned up. Another fascinating topic.

And now, since I just got home shortly before starting this, I know I'm probably done for the day. If I do more later, I might update this post. But I want to start a new streak of blog postings and it's hard to start without doing one.

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