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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Paperback copies of my three Community of Faith mysteries are now only $9.95!

A lonely grave in the Arizona desert. An innocent man convicted of murder. A young woman on a quest for truth.

When Faith Andersen agrees to go on a church retreat for a weekend of horseback riding, barbecues, and fellowship, she thinks her biggest problem will be rekindling her romance with the handsome pastor—until the ranch foreman is found murdered, and the primary suspect is her best friend’s husband.

Mira Levinson dared to challenge the local gamer club’s male brotherhood of geekdom. She wrote a game about feelings. A good game. For that she had to die.

And don't forget to pick up my romantic Christmas short story for Kindle! Only 99 cents!

Christmas can be lonely if you’re new in town—unless a lost kitten makes your wishes come true.

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