NaNoWriMo Week Two

Saturday, November 14, 2015
I know, I know. I was supposed to post more frequently during NaNoWriMo and keep you updated on my progress. I got off to a slow start. It was the same as I start my walks around the neighborhood, only with my brain instead of my muscles. I felt sluggish. It was hard getting in gear. I thought I’d lost my NaNo mojo.

And, just like my muscles loosen up once I get a few blocks from home, my writing muscle has loosened up in Week 2. When I sit down to write (setting a timer first), I pick up where I left off and just type. I’m not worrying about whether this story is any good or that the words aren’t beautiful or that there are bits missing. I’m just typing the story as it comes.

As usual, I’ve got lots of dialogue and little description. Yesterday I was writing a scene that takes place on the Fourth of July. My characters were having a conversation and I was just listening and typing the words they said. Then I remembered, Fourth of July. Right. There must be fireworks. So I typed in some descriptions of what kind of fireworks they were watching while they were talking.

I always add descriptive stuff on the second pass. That’s when I use Margie Lawson’s EDITS system to highlight my first draft with colors designating which kind of writing each of the words is. I use up a lot of blue marker (for dialogue) doing that. And yellow marker (for narrative). I can go a few pages without using green (description) and whole chapters without using pink (emotion). But it’s all good. By the time I’m done, there’s a better balance.

But that’s for later, probably April or May for this novel. Right now I don’t care if the whole thing is blue. I’m on target for winning on November 30th.

How is everyone else doing?

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