Baby Elephant at the Reid Park Zoo

Saturday, October 11, 2014

One of the biggest stories of the past couple of months was the birth of Nandi, the baby elephant at Reid Park Zoo. Now almost two months old, I wanted to get to see her before she was all grown up. After two days of rain from a passing tropical storm, I woke up Friday morning to sun and temperatures in the high sixties--perfect for going to visit the Zoo!

Of course, as I was showering and getting dressed, I was singing Tom Paxton's "Going to the Zoo". This isn't Tom, but it will give you the idea:

Nandi had a tendency to stay close to Mom, preferably on the shady side, which happened to be away from the people, but I did manage to get some good pictures of her.  This one is her walking between Mom and Dad.

In this one, Nandi was dawdling, so Dad rounded her up and pushed her with his trunk to catch up with her mother.

There are six elephants at the Reid Park Zoo. Five of them are a family, but there's one guy who is not the child of the Mom and Dad. I felt kind of sorry for him, because he tended to stay off the the side and looked left out. This is one of Nandi's older brothers, whom I nicknamed Cool Joe. Notice the crossed rear legs. Now that I think about it, the reference should have been Joe Cool (from Peanuts).

Yes, I did stop and visit some of the other animals while I was there. There were a couple of cranes.

A rhino who spent most of the morning taking mud baths.

And the giraffes.

But, like everyone else recently, I spent most of my time with the elephants.

NOTE: You can click on the pictures to see larger versions.

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