Shadow of Death Available for Pre-Order

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to show you the fantastic cover for Shadow of Death, the second in my Community of Faith mystery series. The idea for this cover came to me early in the writing of this book, but I was unable to find an appropriate image on the stock photo sites. Then one evening while watching the news, during the segment that includes viewer photographs, I saw this fabulous photo by Ed Mullins and knew I had to have it for the cover.

A while later, several people recommended Karen Phillips as a cover designer. Karen took Ed's photo and designed the final cover. I love this cover so much, I'm now having her do a new cover for Faith, Hope, and Murder as well. Oh, and Ed is once again supplying the photography.

Shadow of Death Now Available for Pre-Order!

Shadow of Death is now available for pre-order at the bargain price of 99 cents. This price will only be available until October 15th, so make sure to order your copy now! On October 15th, the price will go up to $2.99--still a bargain. Official release date: November 3, 2014.

Here's the book blurb:

When Faith Andersen agrees to join a retreat at the Crazy Creek Guest Ranch for a weekend of horseback riding, barbecues, and fellowship, she thinks her biggest problem will be rekindling her romance with the handsome pastor of Desert Water Christian Church--until the ranch foreman is found murdered and mutilated, and the primary suspect is her best friend's husband.

With an ex-wife and child to support, John Menard is reluctant to pursue Faith on a pastor's salary. The retreat might be a good time to find some time alone with her, a chance to break it off, before they're too involved to turn back.

In the heat of the Arizona summer, there aren't many guests--and even fewer staff--at the ranch. A flirty young woman on her way to graduate school who doesn't seem to fit the rough and tumble atmosphere. An aging television star trying to revive her career with a western series. Her furtive young male companion. The ne'er-do-well son of the ranch's housekeeper and handyman. And, of course, the members of the church.

Cut off from civilization by monsoon flooding, law enforcement is unable to reach the ranch to investigate the murder. With a psychopathic killer on the loose, Faith and John are compelled to join forces to hunt down the murderer. But can they identify the culprit before he--or she--claims another victim?

Read for Free!

Both of my Community of Faith mystery novels (Shadow of Death after November 3), along with my Lacy Davenport mystery short stories, are now available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited. With this program, you can borrow as many books as you like for a monthly fee. If you don't belong yet, you can try out Kindle Unlimited for free for one month. If you already belong, please consider borrowing one or more of my stories.

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