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Saturday, August 23, 2014
I know I've been remiss in blogging this summer. The truth is, blogging takes time, especially when you write longer posts, like I do, which are actually essays with a premise, exposition, and conclusion. They take thought. Blog entries, at least for me, aren't like Facebook, where I can "Like" or "Share" someone else's post, or comment on the weather or something equally inane. I've thought about blog topics I could write on, but then I think about the hour or two it will take me to write it, and I don't even start.

The truth is that I've been totally focused on finishing my second novel, Shadow of Death. My first priority every day has been to revise, and now edit, what I've written. It's my "day job", and, like most day jobs, not very exciting. If you think it is, you can go read Dean Wesley Smith's blog, where he's just started his second year of "writing in public" posts. My day is pretty much like that, without the daily trips to WMG Publishing. Heck, on a good writing day, I don't even leave the house.

The not-leaving-the-house part also makes it hard to write about places of interest in Tucson. The last place I went was to the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and even then, one of my major goals was to take photographs for a book cover.

The big topic among writers and publishers this summer has been the Amazon-Hachette conflict over contract terms. Unless you happened to see the ad in the NY Times this past weekend or are a writer, you probably had no idea this was going on. Readers and the general public don't care much about contract negotiations between two mega-corporations. If you want one (biased) summary, you can find that here. Since this blog is supposed to be for readers, not the publishing industry, I haven't seen any point in blogging about that, but I have been involved in many discussions about it with my writer friends.

The good news is I'm in the home stretch with Shadow of Death. I should be able to come up for air in a month or so. I hope to be able to resume my regular blogging then. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the summer.

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