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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I try not to make this blog about buying my books, but I need your help. I'm getting closer to publishing the second in my Community of Faith mystery series, and I'm looking at how best to bring it out into the world.

When I published Faith, Hope, and Murder, I wanted everyone to be able to buy it and read it. I didn't want to limit myself to just readers on Amazon. The problem is that, after the first couple of months, no one bought it for their Nook or Kobo or iPad. I've only had sales on Amazon in the past year.

There are advantages to putting book number two, Shadow of Death, exclusive to Amazon. People who have Prime memberships and members of the new KindleUnlimited program can borrow the book for free and I still get paid. It's apparent that Amazon ranks books higher when they aren't sold at other retailers, resulting in a better chance of new readers finding a book.

On the other hand, I value all readers. I'd be thrilled if I were selling copies in the iBookstore and on Barnes and Noble's site. I wouldn't want someone who wanted to read my book not be able to because they couldn't read it on their ereader.

Which is why I'm looking for answers from my readers. If you wouldn't mind taking a minute to answer the following two questions, I'd be very grateful for you feedback:

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While we're on the topic of my books, my two short stories, Murder at the Museum and Murder in Stella Mann, are exclusive to Amazon. That means that if you've signed up for the free trial of KindleUnlimited this month, you can read them for free.

And, while I'm on the "buy my books" theme, if you want to know when Shadow of Death is available, please sign up for my newsletter. If you do, I'll send you a collection of short short stories which will tell you a little more about Faith, John, Hope, and Walt. And, as an added incentive, there will be a very special offer coming up soon that will only be available to newsletter subscribers. Either use the form on the right side of this page, or go to Sign Up to join.

Thank you!

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