Tucson Botanical Gardens - Flowers in the Spring

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Last week, spurred by out-of-town visitors, I went back to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It's the perfect time of year for a trip like this. Not only is it still cool enough to enjoy walking outside (cool being relative), but so many plants were in bloom.

Of course, since this is the desert, the Botanical Gardens has a section featuring cactus:

Furry cactus. I don't know why these intrigue me so.

This one has a lot of flowers on it.

I love the pretty pink.

And the orange isn't bad either.

There are several tiled benches, all different, to rest on when you get tired:

A major attraction this time of year is Butterfly Magic, a strictly-controlled greenhouse with species of butterflies from tropical locations all over the world. And, yes, it's humid inside!

This one is adorned with a lovely shade of blue. There were two other butterflies with even more blue on their wings, but they were too busy flying around the greenhouse to pose on a leaf for me.

Another pretty butterfly perched on a tree trunk.

A pair in black and white.

Because of the climate in the greenhouse, it also contains some beautiful orchids:

This is near the plastic strips that control the entrance so the butterflies don't get out.

Lovely pink ones.

And my favorite!

In addition to the tropical butterflies and plants, there were also frogs:

Yes, a blue frog!

And a yellow one!

There's less than a week left to the annual Butterfly Magic display, so if you want to see these in real life, you'd better get there soon.

But the outdoor exhibits are there year round, although they will be more of our typical browns and tans. There are species of trees and many gardens I didn't picture here. Highly recommended if you live in or come to Tucson.

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