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Monday, September 09, 2013
I can't remember the last time I opened my windows to let cool air in, but, thanks to the remnants of tropical storm Lorena, the Weather Channel tells me it's 68 degrees outside, so the first thing I did when I got up was exactly that. It's the second day in a row that I've woken up to showers. As I've written before, monsoon thunderstorms, which give us most of our rain, are short, violent, and spotty.

It's wondrously refreshing to have a gentle rain fall for an extended period time and feel cool air coming in windows and doors. This is the time of year when Tucsonans start to get cabin fever from staying inside. We're basically outdoors people, walking and hiking and riding bicycles as often as possible. But, when it's over 100 degrees for weeks on end, outdoor activities are out of the question. We look out the window, seeing bright, sparkly days and want to be out there, knowing the heat will hit us like a blast furnace if we give in to our urge.

It's marvelous to sit in the quiet of a morning and not hear the air conditioner compressor kicking in every hour or so. I'm listening to the raindrops splashing in puddles and water coursing through the downspout. Every time a car goes by, there's the snick of tires on wet pavement, a sound I remember from other places but rarely hear in Tucson.

I could sit hear and watch the rain all day.

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