The Yellow Season

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Recently I went on the wildflower walk at Tohono Chul Park. I was looking forward to it this year because the combination of copious early winter rain and a warmer than normal winter promised an early and lovely wildflower season. According to the docent, the Tohono O'odham called this time of year The Yellow Season because of all the beautiful yellow wildflowers.

 Above you can see a section of the park with the numerous yellow flowered plants. In addition to those above, there are sundrops:

 Prickly pear cactus:

And desert marigolds:

Not all of the flowers are yellow. In among the yellow flowers, we also have the red of Baja fairydusters, popular with hummingbirds:

And there's also this gorgeous purple plant, whose name I don't remember:

After the walk, we noticed many of the flowers we'd seen at the park along the roadside as we drove home. The Sonoran Desert is beautiful this time of year, surprising me frequently with the lovely flowers that pop up as weeds. Every day there seems to be something new.

I saw some lovely white flowers growing by the roadside as I drove to church this morning. And I'm watching the saguaro cactus and eagerly awaiting the blooms that should soon appear. I've seen a touch of purple on the Texas Rangers, a promise that they, too, will join the party.

I don't have any more to say about the wildflowers. I'll just let the desert speak for itself today.

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